The Iridescent Cross-Bearer

During mass my eyes skimmed along the altar. Conscientiously absorbing the face of the priest delivering the homily, then growing tired and repentantly asking for forgiveness from when the statue of the cross-bearer known as Jesus Christ came into view. Suddenly the midday sun exploded through the stained glass windows. Birthing a spectrum of light enveloping the entire church with all the colors of the rainbow.

Immediately and to the dismay of the priest, I grabbed my camera and started shooting.

Parroquia San Francisco de Asis
As the light permeated through the stained glass windows, a rainbow of color enveloped the church’s walls at Parroquia San Francisco de Asis in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Below are links to images of detailed stained glass windows from various Christian churches.

  1. Claire Jeffrey Photography
  2. Martin Gorman
  3. Jim Warnock

Where are you favorite places of worship?

Many thanks to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”


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